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To start your share of delicious, fresh vegetables, first choose a pickup location convenient to you:


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How it works: the CSA model

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How the Farm Works and How to Order Your CSA Share Today!

Laura and her draft horses work her 47th Avenue Farm

The Harvest at 47th Avenue Farm

SE Portland location information and ordering
Lake Owsego/Luscher Farm location information and ordering

Here in the Willamette Valley, our Summer Share starts in mid-May and continues through October, offering a changing menu every week as different vegetables reach their peak of flavor. Early spring starts with fresh herbs, fava beans, green garlic, and all the elements of a crisp salad. Sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes and other traditional summer crops reach their peak in August and September. In the fall, hardy winter staples like Japanese kabocha squash, toscano kale, and fingerling potatoes fill out the end-of-the-season shares.

Beans from 47th Avenue FarmBut in our temperate climate, nature is far from done at the end of October & why should we be? That’s why we also offer a unique, twice-a-month Winter Share from November through April. Featuring a bounty of greens, root vegetables, and herbs, we also coax broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and brussels sprouts from the cool earth. In addition to these hardy crops, we also grow winter squash, onions, garlic and potatoes that we plant in the summer and store for the winter.

Harvesting ripe heirloom tomatoes at 47th Avenue FarmAll of our farm properties are managed sustainably using cover crops between vegetable rotations, beneficial insects, drip irrigation and conservation tillage techniques. This holistic farming system improves the tilth and fertility of the farmland. It also protects the woods, wetlands and communities that surround our farms. And it simply makes better vegetables.

How it works: the CSA model

Bok Choi from 47th Avenue FarmWhat would happen if a community partnered with its farmers to produce the freshest, most responsibly grown vegetables possible? Well, you’d have a CSA, an inspired model that’s served us and our shareholders for 24 years. In “traditional” industrial agriculture, the value of produce is defined almost exclusively by price – not by how fresh or responsibly farmed it is – and that in turn fosters a race to the bottom: to be competitive and make a living, farmers have to cut corners. And in the process, we all lose.

In a CSA, members pay in advance for their share of the season’s bountiful harvest. That not only provides financial support to farmers early in the cycle when they need it most, the certainty of income means they can allocate their resources more efficiently and responsibly: toward truly sustainable (and more labor intensive) farming practices, but also bringing shareholders unique, artisanal, and thoroughly tasty produce.

We think you’ll love it.

Please note: While a share entitles you to the bounty of the harvest, it also means a share of the risk. On occasion a crop may fail due to inclement weather, pests, disease, or other conditions beyond our control. Our goal is to bring you, despite these challenges, an abundant and diverse harvest throughout the season.

Choose from two pickup locations

We offer two pickup locations in the Portland metro area: southeast Portland in the Woodstock neighborhood, and Lake Oswego at historic Luscher Farm. To learn more about each location and order a share, click one of the links below:

SE Portland pickup location information and ordering
Lake Owsego/Luscher Farm pickup location information and ordering

Whichever you choose, you’ll stop by once a week through the summer growing season (or every other week during the winter share) to fill a bag or more (depending on the share option you’ve chosen) of freshly-picked veggies – here’s a running tally of what shareholders picked up in past seasons. A list will tell you how much food to take, and there’s ample opportunity for sampling and socializing.

Share Options

To create a range of options for shareholders, the we offer a variety of different types of shares:

Family (whole) Share
Every household is different, but in our experience, this share will provide most of the vegetables needed to feed a family of four for the week.

Regular (half) Share
This is for smaller households.

Working Share
In exchange for 12 hours of work during the season, working shareholders will receive a $30 price reduction. Working shareholders will sign up for tasks at the beginning of the season. Opportunities include helping out with pick-up, participating in work parties, working on the news-letter, and a variety of other tasks.

Three work parties and potluck celebrations will be scheduled over the course of the summer season, which both working and regular shareholders are encouraged to attend.

For current pricing on these options, start by choosing a pickup location most convenient for you: SE Portland or Lake Oswego.