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Inspiring Cooking Class this Saturday!!

By Laura

This is a rare opportunity to learn from one of Portland’s best cooking teachers and Slow Food national board chair Katherine Deumling. She is only teaching one public cooking class this fall and it is this coming Saturday Nov 10th from 2-4pm at Luscher Farm in Lake Oswego. The focus of the class is cooking with all the beautiful local winter veggies that we grow here. Learn how to make a variety of dishes illustrating simple and inspiring ways to enjoy the winter season produce. The class offers opportunities for participation, interaction and lots of tasting, so bring your questions about winter produce and come cook with us!!

Get more info and sign up for the class HERE.

Winter Projects Part I: New Wash Station!

By Ian

Hello friends of the farm,

Even though we are full time winter farmers here at 47th Ave, the winter months still offer something in the way of a time to reflect on the season behind us and the season ahead and to attend to all of those things that keep getting pushed to the back of our endless summer to-do lists.  It is also a time to think critically about our systems and to imagine ways to make our farm better!  Our crew this year is pretty amazing, Im not gonna lie, and the innovations and ideas that have come forward have been very exciting.  We have taken on some serious infrastructural improvements over the last couple months and we wanted to let everyone in on what we have been up to.  Keep checking the website for more installments of our winter project series…

Steve models his handy dandy skills with a nail gun at 47th Avenue Farm

Steve models his handy dandy skills with a nail gun

Steve is our wash station Guru, master of the spigot, the hydro captain, “flow-jo” as we call him, and is our head quality control as our veggies move from our field to your tables.  He has been pushing for some wash station innovation for some time and we put our heads together and totally revamped the wash station area.  We had some old cast iron bathtubs collecting dust in the barn and Steve and Brice put together plans to give them new life.

Steve builds the frame over the inverted tub at 47th Avenue Farm

Steve builds the frame over the inverted tub

They built some very sturdy frames that would fit the tubs perfectly and then we hauled the beasts on out to the wash station and nestled them down into their new homes.  The first one was a huge success so we built two more!

A completed tub station

The result is a very elegant (i think) and functional new system with much increased washing area, and easy cleanability.  The tubs can work as dunking stations for more delicate things like lettuce and arugula.  Throw our homemade lightweight screens on top and you have a great root washing setup!

Tub with removeable washing screen


The whole fleet!

Future innovations may include hose fixtures for hands free washing and robots to wash vegetables for us!  Just kidding about the robots.  Hope everyone has enjoyed last week’s share.  Those Yellowfinn potatoes are the best of the best!!  See you all next week for more of the winter bounty.

–  Ian


CSA Cooking Class at Luscher Farm

By Laura

This Sat Nov 5th is the In Your Farm Share Cooking Class at Luscher Farm. It will be taught by Allen Doty, head chef at Riccardos Ristorante. You don’t need to be a CSA member to participate – everyone is welcome. This is a perfect opportunity to learn some new strategies for cooking locally & seasonally. You’ll go home with great recipes & techniques – especially for using all those winter veggies!!

Council to Review Luscher Plan Tuesday

The Lake Oswego City Council will discuss the Luscher Farm Master Plan this Tuesday July 12th at 6pm in Council Chambers, 380 A Ave. This is a work session so there will be no public testimony, but a good turnout is still essential to let the councilors know there is widespread support for the farm. The staff report is available here.

Farm Fields or Sports Fields at Luscher FARM?

The City of Lake Oswego is working on a Master Plan for Luscher Farm, but the current draft plan would build parking lots & two new artificial turf fields on the organic farm. If you want farming to continue at Luscher Farm please let the City know by filling out a quick online comment card before Sunday July 10th. If Luscher Farm is to continue to provide fresh local produce to the community then THE FARM NEEDS TO STAY WHERE IT IS NOW – on great farmland that has been improved by years of organic production. The draft master plan proposes to relocate farming to the east side of the property (#18 on the map), but these fields are steep, wet & ill-suited for year-round organic vegetable farming.

Other issues that have been raised by the community about the Luscher Farm Master Plan include…
  • The study that is being used to substantiate current need for additional sports fields is over 10 years old.
  • No analysis has been published to evaluatealternative sites in the community for additional sports fields.
  • Lack of consideration for potential costs
  • No sustainability analysis of the plan using The Natural Step
  • Concerns about zoning
  • The open space above Hazalia Field that is reserved for a golf driving range (#24 on the map)
What You Can Do…
  • Take a moment to complete the online survey before Sunday July 10th!!
  • Spread the word!! Forward this email to your friends & neighbors and encourage them to fill out the survey too. Post your concerns to facebook.
  • Write a letter to the editor for the Lake Oswego Review or Oregonian.
  • Come to the City Council Hearing on July 12th to support the farm.
Luscher Farm is an incredible regional resource so your comments are important even if you don’t live in Lake Oswego.
If you want FARMING to continue at Luscher Farm speak up now – before it’s too late!!

Thanks Farm Volunteers!

By Laura

We had a great group of folks out to the farm yesterday and we really appreciate all their help! The volunteers put in a total of 31 hours and had a great time making flash tape flags and planting. If you want to come help us out at the farm check here for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Luscher Farm Master Plan

By Laura

Please come & comment in person if you can!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. in the Willamette Room at the West End Building (4101 Kruse Way), the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board will meet to discuss the Luscher Area Final Draft Site Plan. MIG, Inc. who is developing the Luscher Area Master Plan will present history/background information on the site, present the site plan and provide insight into the design of the plan. Citizens are encouraged to attend and provide comments.

Starting June 20, a two-week, online public comment period for the Luscher Area Final Draft Site Plan will be available at

To view the agenda for the upcoming meeting\parksrec\prab.htm.

Join us to Volunteer at the Farm!!

By Laura

The next Farm Work Party is coming up Sat. September 3rd at Grand Island!! The plan is to move irrigation, do some weeding, and build tables for the new greenhouses. There will be tours of the new farm and you can meet our draft horses Patty & Bonnie. We try to always have jobs and fun for people of all ages and abilities. Hope you can join us!!

Where: Grand Island Farm, 18200 SE Lower Island Rd, Dayton, OR
When: Sat. Sept. 3rd, 10am – 2pm Hang out with us afterwards for the potluck BBQ
RSVP to 

More info about other volunteer opportunities HERE.