Farm To Do List, May ’11

It has been pretty wet and cold again this spring, but we have made the most of every small window of sunshine we’ve had.  This is Brice on the tractor getting some ground worked up a few weeks ago. We have broccoli planted there now and it’s doing great  – it rebounded nicely from the hail storm yesterday. Hopefully more sunshine on the way this week. Gotta love this crazy May weather!

On the farm to do list this weeks is…

  • Finish up the trellis for peas. The crew pounded all the tposts in last week and started putting in braces, wire and hortanova.
  • Plant more joi choi and cauliflower – varieties are Snow Crown, Freemont, Graffiti, & Cheddar. Cover to keep the cabbage fly off.
  • More seeding, fertilizing and weeding…